Utilizing Facebook Likes for Marketing

The big kahuna of the social networks, as everybody knows, is Facebook. The social media giant has over a billion users, an extremely high percentage of active users and, even more appealing to marketers is how many users log into their Facebook accounts
every single day. The numbers are staggering and dwarf any other social platform such as Twitter or Instagram. Within the world of Facebook it seems that almost all page creators are seeking one
thing – Facebook likes. You can get likes for images, posts, comments and videos, but most importantly for your Facebook Fan Page. Once called Fans, Likes is clearly the dominant metric on Facebook and the most sought after by page owners. The more likes a page has the more popular it clearly is. It is the result of a popularity
contest for sure, and why everyone is exhorting you to “like” them on Facebook. Sure, some people buy real facebook likes to boost their numbers and make them appear more popular than they really are, but however they are obtained, they are there for people to see, compare and measure up to. Interestingly, it is statistically proven that
the more likes a Facebook Fan Page has, the greater the velocity of organic likes come on to their Page, and the more images and posts get liked as well. This is probably why people choose to buy likes
in the first place.

Facebook likes

As Facebook is a worldwide phenomenon, there is a place for marketers of every possible category. Many know how to buy likes on facebook which gives them a marketing advantage. Knowing how to effectively promote your Fan Page and business on Facebook is essential in today’s marketplace – which is driven so much by social media and represents a major shift from traditional venues such as Television, radio and newspapers (especially the last, which appears to be a
dying industry – neither TV nor even cable news could kill newspapers, but the advent of the social networks appears to be its undoing.)

Of course, don’t just take our word on the importance of Facebook marketing – and that of marketing on social media on general; watch this video and learn how the future of promotional campaigns, be it for services, products or personal projects, is with the social networks – with Facebook leading the way:

Twitter Followers: Marketers Treasure Trove

Who would have thought the best way to convey a noteworthy item, be it breaking news, critical business announcement or just a broken nail, would be through the 140 character limited Twitter. This
micro blog has become so important in our everyday lives that no less an authority than the New York Times has a daily section solely dedicated to the activities of note that are happening on, around or
about Twitter. All of these mini missives are being sent to the vast number of Twitter Followers that are actively following the senders awaiting their tweets and then possibly resending them via a
retweet. Now, the number of followers is important and a vital visual clue to the success of a Twitter owner’s account, which is why you can help yourself through buying Twitter Followers, to make those numbers look even better.

Twitter Followers

The power of Twitter marketing is self-evident given that the followers choose to receiving your messages – this, at a minimum is selling to an already partially sold group. Like selling pizza to a hungry crowd. They are there and they are hungry. The perfect audience. And if they like what they hear (or what they eat to keep the pizza metaphor going) they will share that information with their friends. But this is even better than the pizza analogy because it as if the receivers of the retweet are actually having the same bite of pizza. And then they opt to become customers too! This sort of exponential marketing potential is really unrivaled in its expediancy and efficacy. A marketer’s delight crafted as a side effect of a means to communicate. Truly a reason to buy followers on Twitter. Not really something that has
been seen before in the world of marketing campaigns.

Accordingly, we will share some inside marketing information as it relateds to promotional campaigns on Twitter through this video. With Twitter you don’t do it all at once, but lay groundwork and
then deliver the deciding close. Check this video out and get educated:

Instagram Followers equal Instagram Marketing Success

Of course, Twitter is not the only social network that revolves around the concept of followers. Instagram, the leading image sharing social media site and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Facebook, also uses this concept of followers. With Instagram, followers get notified when new images are added to an Instagram page and also have the ability to “like” an image. Thus, both followers and likes are sought by the owners of the Instagram pages. Some will even buy Instagram Followers and likes to make their pages appear more popular (a not uncommon practice amongst any social network site or page owners). Just another metric to judege one’s popularity on a given platform, and one the networks themselves like having their users clamor for – keeps them engaged!

As you can see, Instagram, that dynamic and popular photo sharing site, has become an important marketing vehicle for all sorts of entities. This mobile focused social network encourages the sharing of images of one’s everyday life and events and other matters of importance with the followers of the Instagram page. The site has special filters that crop the image into a square and gives it a real professional look (so every photo -within reason – looks as if it could have been taken by a professional). This site is very popular with older teenagers (indeed it is growing much faster in that demographic than is Facebook) which makes it very appealing to marketers. This is why buying Instagram Followers is a sensible undertaking. Here is an interesting video that provides marketing on Instagram tips:

Use YouTube For Marketing by Getting Views

If you don’t believe in the power of video marketing, you have missed the boat. YouTube, the largest video sharing site – by far – on the internet is also the second most popular site worldwide and is the third most utilized search engine. If you are sitting on the sidelines not participating in the fantastic marketing possiblities with YouTube, you might as well get out of the business. People will watch your videos, especially if you already have views.

A video allows you to express so much more information than any other format, and YouTube (which is owned by Google) is the perfect social platform to get your message(s) across. Also, a variety of scholarly publications and studies have shown that information conveyed on a video is retained better than any other format by the
viewer. This is further enhanced by music (well, most music, some studies show that certain types of music do not help, indeed probably hinder, retention). If you want to get the views – which
is what you need to show popularity, then you must create an engaging and fun video. The video shouldn’t be too long, but long enough to get the message across in a fun way. Interestingly, quality of the video production is less important than overall presentation of the underlying message – simply put, if its fun and engaging and informative, it doesn’t need to be a major Hollywood
type production or undertaking. Marketing on YouTube is a great and necessary component to any
marketing campaign – all the major brands and services do this constantly (and their ads are often really fun too). This video gives some good tips on how to market your video:

Marketing your video to get views is really important. In the end, you also want your YouTube channel (where you host your YouTube videos) to get subscribers. Again, as with YouTube Views, you can
buy youtube subscribers to gather the momentum which will spark a great flurry of activity of organic views and subscribers.